Are you a vendor? Maybe you create handpainted pieces, wreaths, jewelry, or inspirational plaques. Or maybe you sell makeup, candles, purses, clothing, jelly, or gift baskets. Well, you’re going to love being a vendor inside our huge vendor tent! It’s 100 feet long, we provide you a 10×10 space with a 6 foot table and 1 chair, plus access to electrical hookup if needed!

Are you a food vendor or have a food truck? All slots are filled for the 2022 Tri-County Fair, but we are accepting applications for the 2023 fair! Reach out to us for more details here.

Do you own a company that offers a service? Please head over to our company sponsors page.



Here are some facts about Fair attendees:

  • 15,000 attendees in 2019 (even with rain on opening night and predicted rain on closing night)

  • The majority of attendees were families with children

  • Nearly all attendees traveled from a 30 mile radius

For more information, contact: Stephen at 

Here is a time lapse video of just a few hours of one night of the 2019 Tri-County Fair. In 2019, the fair drew 15,000 attendees!